Privacy Policy for Children

Privacy Policy for Children

We take the protection of your children's data very seriously. Read our Children's Privacy Policy for a clear explanation of how we collect, use, disclose, transfer, and store your children information. Learn how to review any information that may be associated with your children.

Protecting children is a very high priority for all our employees. We want to do this in a transparent way and give parents all the information they need so that they can ultimately decide for themselves what is best for their child. We put a lot of effort into providing intuitive and customizable control mechanisms for parents.


Account of your Child

Setting up an account for your child gives them access to all the free features and services of PLAMIS | Eduction. For example, your child can do the following:

  • Using PLAMIS | Education learning software - may interact with other children and get in touch.
  • Use PLAMIS | GameArcade games and play and interact with other children.
  • Depending on your Purchase Request preference settings, both within the PLAMIS | EductionStore and making direct in-app purchases, and receiving referrals.
  • Use, send and save mails, contacts, calendar entries, notes, reminders, photos.
  • Create and share photos, videos, audio messages and texts.
  • Use, stream and share media services with other members of PLAMIS | Education. Using the "Media Services" feature depends on your chosen setting.
  • Create and share documents and data about school sharing or sharing with others. Depending on the settings you have selected, your childs name and contact information may be included if specified.
  • Access shared calendars where you and your child can share past and future appointments with other members of your family.
  • Access shared calendars where your childs school and child can share past and future dates with other students and teachers at their school.
  • Use a browser to access the Internet, search the Internet, and use online resources. (including activated content filtering)
  • Sign up for courses and participate.
  • etc.

When software updates are released, new features can be released. We encourage you to read the notices and terms of use for such updates before your child uses them.

Parental Control

There are situations where you want to protect certain types of content or resources from your childs access. We offer parents various control options to help them understand your childs access to PLAMIS | features and services Education easier to manage. These include, for example, "Restrictions", "Times of Use" and "Releases and purchase requests".


You have the option to set restrictions for your child. To do this you log in to your Parents Account and open the "Parental Control" item in the "Settings". These settings allow you to restrict features for your child and determine what content is appropriate for your child. This is an important step to gain insight into your childs activities. Restrictions and parental controls are valid for your child globally in PLAMIS | Education. Device-specific settings are not affected by this and should be set up on any device (according to the manufacturers instructions) that can be used by your child.

Times of Use

You can use the on-screen timer feature to restrict your child's use on all devices on which it is registered. This feature includes setting certain hours in which screen time is not allowed, restricting access to specific apps or app categories, and setting age-based content restrictions.

Share, release and purchase request

Sharing allows you to share purchases, subscriptions, and more with up to five other children within your family who you add to your parent account. The Purchase Request feature is part of the release and gives you the ability to review and approve purchases. This includes in-app purchases and downloads that your child requests. The Purchase Request feature will automatically be activated for all users under the age of 18 or under the minimum age allowed by law and added to your family. If you disable the "Purchase request" feature for your child, you will only be told through the email receipt (sent 24 to 72 hours after purchase) or through your credit card statement of purchases made by your child (even within apps). confirmed.

Please note: The "Buy Request" restrictions may not apply to purchases made through our Educational Volume Purchase Program (EVPP) for schools and students, as well as to re-adding features that are loaded with a redemption code.

Set up an Account for your Child

To create an account for your child, we first require your consent to this Childrens Privacy Policy ("Information") and our Privacy Policy, which is referenced here. If there is any conflict between our privacy policy and this information, the terms in this information apply to children.

In order to comply with the rules on the online collection of child data, PLAMIS may, if necessary, by additional steps, ensure that the user granting the authorization to create an account for a child is, in fact, a parent or legal representative of the child Child acts. Accordingly, you will be asked to confirm your current payment method in certain jurisdictions. Depending on the payment method, this can be done by various methods, such as by specifying the security code of your card or by reconfirming by SMS. We require this so that we can determine your identity as a guardian and obtain your consent to the collection of personal information from your child.

We will in no case knowingly collect, use or disclose your childs personal information without your verifiable parental consent. Once you have read the contents of this information and our Privacy Policy and have given verifiable parental consent, you may set up an account for your child. Your child can use his account on all the free features and services of PLAMIS | Education, unless you have disabled this access in the restrictions. However, your childs account can not be removed from your account. The only exceptions are when the childs account is deleted, the child turns 18, or is managed by another account. With the completion of the 18th year of life or the respective statutory minimum age, your child can manage his / her account independently and without a legal guardian.

Collection of Data

When setting up an account for your child, we will ask you to provide the following information: full name of the child, date of birth, password, and answers to three security questions that can be used to verify access to your child's account. In order to protect your child's account and keep you able to reset your child's password online, you should keep the answers to these questions secret.

In certain cases, we collect additional data from your child that is defined as personal data. For example, if your child is logged in with their account, we may collect information about device ID, cookies, IP addresses, location and time zone of use of the device. We may also collect information about your child's activities and interactions on our websites and in our apps, products and services, including content provided by third parties.

Use of Data

Where appropriate, we have used your childs information as part of our Privacy Policy to provide information and important information, to send information or notifications about products, to provide services and to improve our products, content and services. We may also use your childs information for internal purposes, such as for audits, data analysis or research purposes.

We may use non-personally identifiable information (data that, taken alone, does not provide a direct inference of your childs identity) for all purposes. For example, we can collect information about customer activity on our website and other products and services in statistical form as aggregate data so that we can better inform our customers and identify which parts of our website, products and services are most interesting excite. Such aggregate data is considered non-personal data.

The "No Ad Tracking" feature is turned on by default for your childs account. This ensures that children do not receive targeted advertising. However, your child may still receive advertising on these devices that is not targeted.

Disclosure to third parties

Your child may share data with others based on their account and subject to your restrictions, and depending on our features and services that use it (such as those listed above).

Sharing and Shares

As part of the release, the data of your child for the other family members (if they also have an account) are visible. This includes, for example, the data about his past and future purchases. For example, depending on the restrictions you set, your child can share their photos, calendars, and reminders with family members.

As part of the school release, the data of your child for the other students and teachers (if they also have an account) may or may not be available.

If your child uses their account to sign in on a third-party device (such as the device in the school), then your child's data and other family members' shared data may be downloaded and kept for other users of the same Device shows how your child's account is being used on this device.

Strategic Partners

Occasionally, PLAMIS iHosting GmbH may disclose certain personal information to strategic partners who help us with marketing to customers or who work with us to provide products and services. Personal information will only be shared by us to provide or improve our products, services or advertising; there is no disclosure to third parties for their marketing purposes.

Service Provider

We share personal information with companies that provide services. This includes, for example, the processing of information, the processing of customer orders, the delivery of products to you or your child, the management and maintenance of customer data or the performance of customer service tasks. It also includes evaluating your child's interest in our products and services, conducting customer research or customer satisfaction surveys. These companies are committed to protecting your child's data and can be located wherever we operate.


From time to time, PLAMIS iHosting GmbH may be required to disclose your child's personal information as a result of legal, legal, litigation, and/or requests from public and government authorities inside or outside your country of residence. We may also disclose personally identifiable information about you or your child if we believe it is necessary or appropriate for national security, law enforcement or other public interests.

We may also disclose personally identifiable information about you or your child if we believe it is reasonably necessary to enforce our terms and conditions or to protect our business or users. In the event of a reorganization, merger or acquisition, we may transfer all personal data collected to the respective third party.

Access, rectification and deletion

You can always access, rectify or delete data related to your childs account. To do this, log in with your parent account or contact us

Consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your child's information

By clicking "I agree," you authorize PLAMIS to collect, use, and disclose your childs information in accordance with our Privacy Policy and this information.

Please note: This consent does not apply to third-party data collection practices. Third party vendors, such as the software vendors available on our systems and accessible to your child, who collect, use or disclose information about your child must request independent verifiable consent. We recommend that you instruct your child to ask you before granting such third-party access to his or her personal information.

Please note: We and third party publishers routinely release software updates for our devices. When this happens, these updates will be available for download to the device. This includes devices that your child may be using for their account. We recommend that you initiate the update on each affected device and agree to its terms.

If you have any questions or objections regarding our Privacy Policy or this information, please contact us.

The Privacy Policy was updated on June 28, 2019.


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